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Potato Chips Manufacturing Business Idea : Chips are used a lot as a snack! People of all ages love it! Because of this, many types of companies are making chips in the market. ( Potato Chips Manufacturing ) Doing business! Many big companies are making huge profits from its business. Its business by making chips with the help of different types of potatoes in the market ( Potato Chips Manufacturing Business ) can be done !

Potato Chips Manufacturing Business Idea

Potato Chips Manufacturing Business Idea

So by selling chips at home in a simple way ( Home Made Potato Chips ) And by making a long lasting business can be done! this business ( Potato Chips Manufacturing Business ) It requires various types of potatoes such as ordinary potatoes, sweet potatoes etc. as well as utensils for making chips and fresh oil, salt and chili powder as raw materials.


Generally, the price of ordinary potato in the market is Rs 1,200 per quintal. If you want to make Sweet Potato Chips! So more money will have to be spent for this, although the profit will also be high! The cost of sweet potato is Rs 4600 per quintal. making chips ( Potato Chips ) The price of essential oil for Rs.120 per liter is Rs. The cost of salt is Rs 18 per kg and the cost of chili powder is Rs 180 per kg.

small scale Business (Potato Chips Manufacturing Business Idea)

this business ( Potato Chips Manufacturing Business ) You can even start on a small scale! To do this Chips making business on a small scale, you can use only ordinary potatoes! To do business by making simple potato chips, you also have to reduce the cost! You will get potatoes from any wholesaler’s shop for 12 rupees per kg.

chips making machine

chips making machine ( Potato Chips Manufacturing Machine ) can be used to speed up this business! Potato cutting machine is used for this. If you want to establish this business on a large scale, then you may need a big machine, however this business can also be started with the help of small machine or hand slicer.

total cost of business (Business Cost)

this chips making business ( Potato Chips Manufacturing Business ) The total cost ranges from Rs 80,000 to Rs 1,00,000. If you don’t want to install the machine, this cost is greatly reduced! But due to less production the profit also gets reduced. If the business is of small scale, then you can start this business with a maximum of Rs 10,000 (Start Potato Chips Business).

Profits in the business of making chips (Chips Making Business Profit

Good profit can be obtained from this business (Potato Chips Business). However, the profit depends on the quality of your chips! There are many such companies in the market, which often give very small quantity of chips even in a packet of ten rupees, but even after this their business is running very smoothly due to their perfect quality and people are also buying it! If you use the machine (Potato Chips Manufacturing Machine), then every month you can get a profit of 30,000 to 40,000! small scale chips making ( Potato Chips Making ) You can get maximum profit of 4,000-5,000 monthly while doing business of !

Chips Business Marketing

this business ( Potato Chips Manufacturing Business ) There is a dire need of marketing for this! You can display the chips you made in the various shops of the city! Apart from this, you can also make chips for them by taking orders from big companies and earn profits! There are many snack shops in the city as well, if you are looking to make chips of better quality! So you can even give your products in these big shops!

Chips Packaging ( Potato Chips Manufacturing Business Idea )

Since it is a spicy food, you should ( Potato Chips Packaging ) Needs special attention! You can have a good name for your product! And you can use it with a unique logo on the packet of chips! In this way the chips made by you are also promoted! and your chips ( Potato Chips ) Sold out very easily too!

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