What is the flower on which the whirlpool does not sit?

GK In Hindi General Knowledge Which is the flower on which Bhanwara does not sit: There are so many types of flowering plants among us, which look very cute and beautiful to see, after seeing which the eyes get a different coolness and all the tiredness goes away! There are so many people among us who like to plant many types of flowers in their homes and many people who have made a small flower garden in their own house and plant many types of flowers in it!

Which is the flower on which the whirlpool does not sit? GK In Hindi General Knowledge

Which is the flower on which the whirlpool does not sit? GK In Hindi General Knowledge

It is more happiness to see the flowers around us when butterflies and whirlpools are seen hovering over your flowers! By the way, whirlpools are seen in large numbers in the spring. A bumblebee is one of more than 250 species in the genus Bombus, which are considered part of one of the bee families. This species is the only extinct group in the tribe Bombini. Although some extinct related genera are known from fossils.

Bhanwara does not sit on Champa flowers: GK in Hindi

The whirlpools are mostly found only on the flowers, they do the work of sucking their heads according to their mind in the flowers and keep humming! The relationship of flowers and flowers is also considered to be a relationship of love. Not knowing how many songs have been made on these two, which people often keep humming! Now here a shocking thing and information comes to the fore that there is such a flower in the world on which the whirlpool never sits! Yes, and those flowers are of Champa!

Except for the whirlpool on the flower of Champa, no insect hovers

Isn’t it quite astonishing that Bhanwara never sits on Champa’s flower and Bhanwara does not even wander around her because of the fervent smell of Champa’s flower! Not only Bhanwara but also wasps, bees do not sit near the flower of Champa and the reason behind this is that it does not pollinate! This flower is considered to be lust free! Apart from this, if we talk about the flower of Champa, then its plant is about 6 to 8 meters high.

This is how the flower of Champa happens: General Knowledge

Please tell that this tree is always green! The trunk of the tree is straight, cylindrical, dark brown or brown in color. Its leaves are straight, 10-30 cm long, 4 to 10 cm wide, sharp, smooth and shiny. Also the flowers of Champa are beautiful and very fragrant. Apart from this the flowers are of light yellow color.

The fruits of this tree are 7.5 to 10 cm long, elliptical or pointed elliptical. The fruits are dark brown in colour. The seeds of Champa are spherical, shiny, which when ripe become pink or dark red. Along with this, the flowering of Champa tree occurs from April to September and fruit from December to February.

GK In Hindi General Knowledge : Which is the flower on which Bhanwara does not sit

This is a very wonderful question, on which flower the whirlpool does not sit. On all flowers and whirlpools and butterflies sit. And takes juice from those flowers. Due to which all the flowers are pollinated. But the only flower of Champa is such, on which whirlpools or butterflies never sit.

GK In Hindi General Knowledge The reason for this can be some kind of substance in the fragrance emanating from this flower. For other information about trees, plants and flowers, you can read by visiting srbpost.Com. If you liked this information, please don’t forget to give an upvote.

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