This scheme of post office will make you rich, read here

Post Office RD scheme: This scheme of post office will make you rich, will get the benefit of so much. Customers trust the Post Office the most! They consider the post office safe for their investment. Post offices often bring many such big schemes for their customers, which bring great benefits to the people! Along with this, it gives many more benefits like tax exemption, insurance!

Post Office RD scheme: This scheme of post office will make you rich, will get the benefit of so much

Post Office RD scheme

By the way, if seen, the post office scheme ( Post Office Scheme ) I take no risk! If you also want to start some investment without risk, then this news is for you, because this time also the post office (Post Office) We have come up with a great scheme for you! Under this scheme, even with low investment, you will become the owner of 16 lakh rupees in just 10 years! The name of this post office scheme is RD Scheme.

Government Backed Scheme is RD Deposit Account (Govt Backed Scheme is RD Account)

You can start investing in this scheme with as little as Rs 100! For information, let us tell you that all the schemes of the post office are considered completely safe! There is no danger of its drowning to the customer, because they are run by the Government of India! Actually, Post Office RD Deposit Account ( Post Office RD Deposit Account ) Is a government backed scheme, in which can be opened even on low balance! In this scheme you can invest even Rs.100!

Interest is Calculated at the Annual Rate

Not only this, in this scheme (Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme) you can invest maximum amount, as much as you want! Most investments have no limit given! Explain that the account can be opened in this scheme for five years. Banks on the other hand offer Recurring Deposit accounts for six months, one year, two years and three years! Interest is calculated at the annual rate on the money deposited in it every quarter!

RD Scheme Gives More Returns than the Bank

Let us tell you that the special thing is that if you want to invest in it, then know that in the Post Office RD Scheme, you get more returns than the bank! Recent Recurring Deposit (Recurring Deposit) 5!8% interest rate is being given, which is effective from 1st April 2020! The Government of India fixes the interest rates for all its small savings programs every quarter. If you invest Rs 10,000 every month in the Post Office RD scheme for ten years, you will get Rs 16 lakh more at the rate of 5!8 per cent!

What is Recurring Deposit

recurring deposit (Recurring Deposit) That is, RD is such a Term Deposit Offer that is given by Indian Banks and Post Office! As an alternative to Fixed Deposit (FD) and Long Term Post Office Schemes, RD is fast becoming popular among investors and common man!

Post Office RD scheme : RD is a smart and risk free investment option because of getting a good amount at a fixed interest rate along with the deposit amount! This is one such way of investment that gives opportunities to people to deposit money regularly and earn good returns on it! Due to the regular deposit and good returns, this facility provides easy and flexible ways of investment to the people! RD keeps paying you fixed interest on your regular deposited investment amount till maturity!

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