Start this business with IRCTC, this business will earn big

IRCTC Ticket Agent Business: Start this business with IRCTC, will earn big every month. If you are thinking of increasing your earnings and want to start your own business, then today we will give you a similar business idea. (Business Idea) We are going to tell you about, through which you can increase your earnings with the job! Its biggest feature is that you can start Business Start IRCTC with Railways! Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a service of Railways.

IRCTC Ticket Agent Business: Start this business with IRCTC, will earn big every month

Ticket Agent Business

train ticket booking through ( Train Ticket Booking Business ) Provides many facilities from With the help of IRCTC, you can earn thousands of rupees every month! You don’t need to go anywhere for this! All you have to do for this is to become a ticket agent, just as clerks cut tickets at railway counters, in the same way you will also have to deduct tickets to passengers! IRCTC is giving a chance to earn up to Rs 80,000 every month for doing this work!

Know How to Apply

first online ticket ( Online Ticket Booking ) To get the deduction, you have to apply to become an agent by visiting the IRCTC website! After that you will become an Authorized Ticket Booking Agent! Then you can book tickets! Agents get a huge commission from IRCTC on booking tickets!

Get Commission – IRCTC Ticket Agent Business

For any passenger, a commission of Rs 20 per ticket is available for booking a non-AC coach ticket and Rs 40 per ticket for an AC class ticket. Apart from this, one percent of the ticket price is also given to the agent itself! Another biggest advantage of becoming an agent of IRCTC is that there is no limit on booking tickets! You can book as many tickets as you want in a month! Apart from this, there is also an option to book Tatkal tickets in 15 minutes! As an agent, you can book domestic and international air tickets apart from trains!

Have to Pay This Fee

If you are an agent for one year ( IRCTC Ticket Agent Business ) If you want to become a IRCTC, then IRCTC will have to pay a fee of Rs 3,999, while for two years this charge is Rs 6,999! On the other hand, as an agent, for booking 100 tickets in a month, a fee of Rs 10 per ticket will be charged, while for booking 101 to 300 tickets in a month, Rs 8 per ticket and for booking more than 300 tickets in a month will have to pay a fee of Rs. Ticket fee is five rupees.

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