Now subsidized food will be available even without ration card

Change Ration Card Rules Now subsidized food grains will be available without ration card, know the new rule Now homeless people will also get subsidized food grains. The government is planning for this. Soon a portal will be prepared on which the NGO will be able to register the homeless people. After which the central government will send these names to different states so that these people can be included in the list of beneficiaries of the Public Distribution System (PDS). At present, due to lack of ration card, such people are not getting subsidized food grains.

Change Ration Card Rules

According to media reports, Union Food Secretary Sudhanshu Pandey has said that it is a very difficult task for homeless people to get ration cards because they do not have address proof. Taking part in a discussion, he said that the ministry has asked NIC to prepare a portal on which such people can be registered. “The NGO will help such people to get registered. After this, the states will be asked to include these people in the list of beneficiaries of PDS.

This is how the verification will be done (Change Ration Card Rules)

According to Sudhanshu Pandey, work has started on this. After this, even the poorest of the poor will be able to take advantage of the subsidized food grains. He said that such people would be able to take advantage of this scheme under One Nation One Ration Card. It is being said that the verification of such people will be done through biometric.

5 kg food grains are available every month

During the corona epidemic and lockdown, the central government distributed 5 kg of free food grains every month to those without ration cards. But now this plan has been called off. At present, the central government is giving 5 kg additional food grains every month to the poor. Under the National Food Security Act, 81 crore people are getting benefited from it. Let us inform that rice is already being given to the poor at Rs.3/kg and wheat at Rs.2/kg.

What’s the new update? (Change Ration Card Rules)

According to the new rules of the Delhi Government (Change Ration Card Rules), people who cannot go to the ration shop to get ration due to medical reasons or due to age, they can nominate another person for this. With this, someone else can bring goods from your ration shop. Actually, to bring the goods from the ration shop, fingerprints have to be given on the biometric at the shop, only after which the goods are received. But, some people are not able to go to the ration shop due to some reason, due to which they are not getting ration. In such a situation, people are going to benefit from this new rule.

Which people will get benefit?

The benefit of this rule (Change Ration Card Rules) will be given to those people whose family has people above 65 years of age or people below 16 years of age and they cannot go to the shop for fingerprints. Apart from this, those families will also get the benefit, whose members are disabled or are on bed rest due to any disease. Or it will also benefit those people who are facing problem in e-POS device.

What will need to be done?

To take advantage of this, ration card holders will have to nominate another person. After this the person who will be nominated can bring ration in his bihaf. But, only those people can be made a nominee, who already have Aadhar card and are already registered in the same shop.

How can I enroll?

For this, the card holder will have to fill an enrollment form and submit it along with his ration card, Aadhar card. Nominee’s documents will also have to be submitted along with this form. After this, the person who has been given the nominee, that person can go to the shop and buy the goods.

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