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Post Office RD Account Balance The benefits of many schemes are given to the customers by India Post. One of the most popular schemes is that of Post Office RD. Under this scheme (Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme), the money of the customers remains safe but at the same time you also get the benefit of compound interest. Like other schemes, this scheme can also be availed online. That is, you can open the Post Office RD Scheme online. RD can login. You can pay it online and you can also check the balance if you want.

Post Office RD Account Balance

How to login RD?

When you do not login your RD Online, you cannot do anything online. For Post Office RD (Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme) login, you have to first register for post office online services and internet banking.

register like this (Post Office RD Account Balance,

Visit the branch office of the post office and open a savings B post office account here! A form has to be filled to login Post Office RD (Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme). Provide all the information requested! Next post department will generate your internet banking. Its confirmation message will come on the mobile phone. After registering for Internet Banking, an SMS will be sent to your mobile number with a link. You have to click on the URL of this link. Now you will be transferred to the page of DoP Internet Banking.

How to generate your ID and Password?

Click on New User Activation to generate ID and Password. Provide your Name, Email, Mobile Number, Customer ID and Account (Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme) ID. Now configure login and password. Some questions related to security will be asked, definitely answer them. ID will be generated after configuration. Next time login after this ID (RD ID)!

How to Check Balance (RD Balance)? ,Post Office RD Account Balance,

  • First of all open India Post webpage and login
  • Here you can get RD Account (Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme) summary, account balance and related information, you can
  • Also get information about loan available on RD, you can also get details
    related to TDS
  • Any particular RD account. And also repay the loan installment taken on that account

5.8 percent on interest

Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme is similar to fixed deposit, but when you invest in it, it becomes easy on FD. Although in Fixed Deposit you have to deposit all the money in one go, but in Post Office Recurring Deposit you can earn interest by investing a right amount every month. If you have deposited money in this account, then you will get around 5.8 percent interest.

This interest is compounded every third month as compounded amount. Let us tell you that this Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme is not linked to the market, so there is no risk of returns in it. Your money will never sink in this, you can invest your money without any worries.

Have to pay at least Rs 100 every month

The post office gives you compound interest in the Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme. This means that the longer the time, the more profit will be received. In such a situation, if you want to benefit, then try to invest in it for a long period. Apart from this, you can also open an account in the post office by investing at least Rs 100 every month. On the other hand, if you want to deposit money for more than this, then multiply it by 10. There is no limit on the maximum amount deposited.

How did 10 thousand rupees become more than 16,00,000?

In this scheme (Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme) you have to invest for 10 years. 10 thousand will have to be invested every month, that too for 10 years i.e. if you look at the calculation, then according to 10 thousand rupees every month on recurring deposit (Post Office RD Scheme) for 10 years, your total investment will be 12 lakh rupees. On this you will get Rs 16,26,476 in 10 years at the rate of 5.8%.

If you cannot deposit 10 thousand rupees every month, then even by depositing 3000 rupees every month, you can earn more than 5 lakh rupees in 10 years!

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