No child failed in the examination 2022 – Bihar Board Examination 2022 All Students Pass all will pass – Know full news

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No child fails 2022

Inter matriculation examination conducted by Bihar Board is to be held in February. Inter examination will be conducted from February 1 to February 14, in which more than 1300000 children will be involved, the same matriculation examination will be held from February 17 to February 24 in this also. About 13 to 14 lakh students will be involved, no child will fail in 2022, some new rules have been made, which must be known and used in the examination in 2022 examination!

New instructions issued by Bihar Board 2022

No child fails 2022

According to Bihar Board According to the new guidelines, the copy will be checked according to the step wise marking. That is, the students who make the students complete in full, they will get full marks! This rule has been given by the Bihar Board Chairman to the teachers who check the copy!

Copy check 2022 will be done by step wise marking

Bihar Board has arranged a stepwise marking scheme for inter-matric students to get maximum marks. During evaluation, all teachers have been instructed to evaluate through this marking scheme only. 60% additional honorarium will be given to the teachers who will give 100% assessment, board President Anand Kishor has given this information during the Computer Operator Testing Office!

Full marks will be given in 2022 for writing incomplete answer

All the students and girls who will give Bihar Board Inter or Matriculation examination, even after writing incomplete answers, they will be given full marks, that is, students who make a question of number five, have to answer in 5 steps, then they make only 3 steps. 3 marks will be given, that’s why all the students should make all the questions whether they come or not, according to the new rules by the Bihar Board, the marks will be given to them.

No child will fail in 2022

Step wise marking will work in 2022, so all the students should make all the questions in the exam. Whether that question comes or not, definitely make it! Its benefit is very much after the exam, so make sure to make all the questions!

Make sure to make 50 objective subjects in the subject of 100 marks in the practical subject. Make 35 objective subjects in 70 marks. Everyone will be given a double choice. Due to the twofold option, it will be easier to make objective subjects. Because of which no child will fail

Based on the new pattern, the examination will be held in 2022.

According to the model paper released by the Bihar Board, according to the new pattern this year, the Bihar Board will take the exam or objectively subjective questions will be asked with double the number of options, in which the number of objective questions will be doubled and also in the subjective long answer and short answer. You will get double option, due to which children will get convenience. There will be 70 objective questions in the practical subject and 100 objective questions will be asked in the non-practical subject in which there is no practical.

Where will the question be asked this year?

In the inter-matriculation examination to be conducted by the Bihar Board, all the questions will be asked from the NCERT book and the objective of subjective questions asked of the previous year, so all the students should prepare the question bank of the last 10 years. Which will bring you good marks!

No child fails 2022

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