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Rabbit Farming Business Idea : Rabbit is a very beautiful animal! Many people even keep it in their house. If you are also interested in Rabbit Farming and want to earn profit with the help of this interest! so rabbit farming business ( Rabbit Farming Business Idea ) Could be very good for you! The easiest way in rabbit farming is from the fact that there is no fear of any kind from this animal, because it is not a carnivore. Here all the special information related to this business (Rabbit Farming Business) is being given.

Rabbit Farming Business Idea

Rabbit Farming Business Idea

start rabbit farming ( Statrt Rabbit Farming ) There is a minimum number of rabbits to do, below which if rabbits are reared, so much profit cannot be obtained! To start this farm (Rabbit Farming) it is necessary to have at least 10 units of rabbits! There are 10 rabbits in a unit, so a total of 100 rabbits are required to open a rabbit farm in this way. Out of these 100 rabbits, about 65-70 female and 30-35 male rabbits are required.

how to start rabbit farming business

Keeping the following things in mind, rabbit farming business ( Rabbit Farming Business ) Can be started easily!

  • reared rabbit feed: Rabbit reared in the field is given 2 times the food on average! Out of which green things and other things of rabbit food are given at a time. How to start Chapati or Roti making business!
  • Location to set up the farm: Farms for rabbit farming are usually required to be established at such places. Where there is less pollution and noise! It is better if you establish this farm away from the city. If farming is done in the village then it is very good.
  • Total cost of setting up the farm: The total cost of 100 rabbits to set up the farm is around Rs 2,50,000. In this money, along with the rabbit, you also get a cage of 10/4 to keep the rabbit! In addition, you also get bowls to feed the rabbit and a nipple for water!

Marketing of rabbit farming business

follow the rabbit ( Rabbit Farming ) People can get benefit from this in many ways! First of all, this business gets profit from those people who want to raise rabbits! Because different breeds of rabbits are present in any farm. so whoever raises rabbits ( Rabbit Farming Business ) wants, the farm offers him many options!

Rabbit ( Rabbit ) The use of meat for medical purposes is very high, so even in these areas you can sell rabbits from your farm! Rabbit fur is also used in many types of trades. Therefore rabbits can also be sold through farming for such businesses. Rabbits can also be sold for various types of research in the ‘Government Agriculture Industry’ run by the government.

Rabbit Farming Profit

Significantly, 70 female rabbits of the farm give birth to 350 rabbits in about 45 days. It takes a total of four months for these newborn rabbits to grow completely. If these 350 rabbits are carefully reared ( Rabbit Farming ) If you go after 4 months, their total cost becomes 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees! At present, 80 to 90 thousand rupees less is spent in the care of newborn rabbits. In this way a total profit of up to 30 thousand rupees can be earned at the initial level!

Rabbit farming business precautions

Some special precautions need to be taken while raising rabbits in your farm. Here the special precautions related to this farming are being told. rabbit farming business ( Rabbit Farming Business ) First of all, special care has to be taken of cleanliness in the established form. This is necessary because it keeps the rabbit away from diseases.

Small Business Idea Therefore, special care has to be taken about the things related to their food and drink. if the rabbit ( Rabbit ) If he has any kind of disease then it is necessary to give him medicine. It is also necessary to clean the utensils in which rabbits are fed regularly. Rabbits have to be taken care of more during the summer. your rabbits ( Rabbit Farming Business Idea ) also need to get the necessary vaccinations!

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