Do this work immediately to get subsidy money, no

LPG Gas Subsidy Updates To get subsidy money, do this work immediately, otherwise you will not get subsidy Government is transferring subsidy in the accounts of the people on the purchase of LPG cylinder. However, the rules are fixed for who will get the subsidy and who will not. If the money has not come in your account, then know why the subsidy stops.

LPG Gas Subsidy Updates

There is an important news for LPG cylinder consumers. Rs 79.26 per cylinder has started coming in the account of customers as subsidy. But, if you also buy LPG cylinder and subsidy does not come in your account from the government, then this news is for you only. Today we are telling you here why the subsidy stops.

If you are not getting subsidy then you should investigate why it is happening. LPG cylinders are becoming increasingly expensive. In such a situation, the common people have got some relief from the inflation of cylinders due to subsidy. Let us know how is the whole process of checking subsidy.

Subsidy may stop because of this (LPG Gas Subsidy Updates,

If you are not getting subsidy then there can be many reasons for this. The first is that you have not entered your bank account number correctly. This can also be one of the reasons why you are not in this circle. However, if you do not know whether the LPG Gas Cylinder Subsidy is going to your account or not, then what is the way to find out, then today we are telling you. For this you do not need to go anywhere or ask anyone. You can easily know it online in minutes sitting at home. This method is very easy.

  • For this, first of all go to the website
  • After this you will see the photo of gas cylinders of three companies on the right.
  • Click on the photo of the gas cylinder of whatever service provider you have.
  • After this a new window will open in which information about your gas service provider will be given.
  • On the top right there will be an option for Sign-in and New User, select it.
  • If your ID has already been created then you will need to sign in.
  • If ID is not there then you have to select new user.
  • After this, in the window that will open, the option of View Cylinder Booking History will be present in the right side, select it.
  • You will know whether you are getting subsidy or not.
  • In case of non-receipt of subsidy, you can complain on the toll free number 18002333555.

That’s why the subsidy stops

The government does not give subsidy on LPG cylinder to many people, the reason may be that your Aadhaar is not linked. The second thing is that people whose annual income is Rs 10 lakh or more, then the government keeps them out of the purview of subsidy, that is, subsidy is not given, so if your income is more than Rs 10 lakh then You can apply for this. Same subsidy. will not be entitled. There is also a screw in this that even if your income is less than 10 lakh rupees but your wife or husband also earns and both together have an income of 10 lakh or more, then even then the subsidy will not be available.

how much subsidy

In the current era, the subsidy on domestic gas (LPG Gas Subsidy) has remained very less. Rs 79.26 is coming as subsidy in the account of consumers, although there was a time when subsidy of up to Rs 200 was available on cylinders. Now consumers are getting less subsidy on cylinder (LPG Cylinder Subsidy), while on the other hand the price of cylinder has also increased significantly.

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