Big Good News Bihar Board Student Student 2022 Inter Matric Big News Bihar board Latest News 2022 Now all will pass

great news bihar board student student 2022 Bihar Board News 2022 All Students Pass Bihar board 2022 inter matric 2022 All Students pass practical exam and final exam 2022

great news bihar board student student 2022

There is very good news for the students for the Inter exam to be started by Bihar Board from 1st February and Matriculation exam starting from 17th February because according to Bihar Board the practical exam will be taken at home center due to which children Due to lack of arrangement for experiments and labs, the children will be passed directly. Seeing the rapid pace of Corona this year, Bihar Board has decided to take the practical examination at home center itself.

No one will fail in 2022

No student will fail in the inter-matriculation examination to be conducted by the Bihar Board, if for some reason only the children fail in one or two subjects, the compartmental examination of the students is taken if the speed of Karona is similar. If so, then by canceling the compartmental exam, those students will be passed directly, that is, they will be promoted, this is what Bihar Board did last year also, this year also the speed of Karona is running at twice the speed than last year, so this Children will not fail even after years, even if they fail, they will be passed!

Advantages of having practical exam at home center

This year, the practical examination of Inter Matric will be taken in his own school, college i.e. at home center, due to the absence of lab facility at home center, he will not be experimented and experimented and will be passed directly. It is seen that Bihar There is no provision of lab in 90% of the schools and colleges, due to which the children will be passed directly.

How was the practical exam held last year?

Bihar Board last year practical examination was conducted at home center in some school college and many schools went to different centers but practical examination was conducted because whichever school college did not have the provision of Lab, that school college was transferred to another school. The college was tagged i.e. changed due to which the children had to go to another school, college and give practical examination.

Question papers will be easy in 2022

In this year 2022, it is believed that all the questions will be asked easy and will be asked from the previous year’s paper, that’s why the students will prepare a question bank of 10 consecutive years, they will easily pass in this examination because this year the children will have to study. Haven’t got much chance to do it, due to which objective objective Easy questions will be asked, so don’t be afraid, take care of your preparation.

great news bihar board student student 2022

Grace mark will be available in 2022 exam

If for some reason the students do not go well in the examination, then they can be given grace marks up to 10 marks as per the rules, every year Bihar Board gives grace marks from 1 to 5 numbers to the students, if any student If girl students fail by one number or fall short of third division or second division or first division by one number, then they are passed after seeing up to 5 marks.

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