Apply for Kisan Credit Card, you will get benefits

Benefits Of KCC Yojana : Kisan Credit Card Scheme ( Kisan Credit Card Yojana ) It was started in August 1998 by the Government of India as a helping hand to the farmers of our country. The goal of this scheme was to ensure that Indian farmers had affordable access to short-term credit. farmers ( Farmer ) They always need short term loans as they need money for crop cultivation, harvesting and maintenance of their fields. KCC Scheme has proved to be the most beneficial scheme for the farmers.

Benefits Of KCC Yojana

Benefits Of KCC Yojana

It was not uncommon that farmers had to depend on non-institutional moneylenders for loans. Taking loans from banks was a long and tedious process and thus the farmers were dependent on the local moneylenders, who in turn exploited them with exorbitant interest rates. Hence, Kisan Credit Card Loan (Kisan Credit Card Loan) was born! It allowed the farmers (Kisan Credit Card Scheme) to get quick loans without any hassle with great ease and with less paperwork.

Kisan Credit Card Scheme Interest Rate (Kisan Credit Card Interest Rate)

KCC Loan Interest Rate (KCC Loan Interest Rate) It is up to the banks to decide. Which will be as per the guidelines of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). However, one can use the Kisan Credit Card Interest Rate Calculator available on various bank websites to calculate the interest rate under Kisan Credit Card Scheme.

Hence, KCC loan scheme (KCC Loan Scheme) There is a highly beneficial loan scheme for farmers in India. The KCC (Kisan Credit Card) scheme hassle free delivery and flexible repayment options make it very convenient for the farmers! And it ensures that farmers can easily cultivate and harvest the crop. Farmers can use their loan to buy seeds and fertilizers.

KCC Yojana Benefits

  1. In addition to KCC, farmers will be issued ATM-cum-debit cards to withdraw money from ATMs.
  2. this plan (Kisan Credit Card Scheme) Includes credit revolving facility for credit and repayment within the credit limit. However, all payments must be made within 12 months!
  3. Every year, the issuing bank will review the loan and decide the validity of the existing Kisan Credit Card.

Eligibility for Kisan Credit Card

Individual and joint owner of agricultural land KCC loan (KCC Loan) are eligible to apply! Tenants taking land on rent for farming are also eligible for Kisan Credit Card. The land in question must be culturally active and produce crops. The applicant’s age will be between 18 to 60 years while applying for KCC card.

Documents required to apply

Kisan Credit Card Scheme ( Kisan Credit Card Yojana ) Any farmer needs original documents to apply for ! However, the specific document required depends on the internal guidelines of the bank issuing the Kisan Credit Card loan. And KCC for different banks is subject to change.

  • KCC loan application form, duly filled and signed by the applicant
  • Identity Proof like Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter ID Card
  • Land ownership documents or rent agreements
  • passport size photo

Kisan Credit Card Apply Online (Kisan Credit Card Apply Online)

Applying for KCC loan (Kisan Credit Card Loan) is very easy! Applicants for Kisan Credit Card can get direct loan by contacting any branch of the bank with necessary documents. Kisan for Kisan Credit Card Scheme ( Farmer ) You can also apply online by visiting the website of the bank of your choice. All the subsidiary banks have the facility of KCC Apply on their website and applicants can use it.

Kisan Credit Card Application Process Offline (KCC Yojana Benefits)

If you have Kisan Credit Card (Kisan Credit Card) If you don’t want to apply online, you can also do it offline at the bank branch. You have to download the Kisan Credit Card Yojana application form! Which is available online as PDF! Once the form is filled, farmers can submit it to the bank. and kcc ( KCC ) You can start applying for offline! The KCC loan officer of the bank will then inform you about the credit card loan amount.

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